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Marketing strategies - Business Development- Brand building - Business Plans - PR & Press events - Personal PR - Identify and enter new markets - Sales strategies - Packaging and conceptualization - Sales material - Find investors 

I´ll guarantee…
A new strategic partner to be inspired by
A dedicated PR-consultant focusing on great results
A devoted Project leader on fire  
Experienced sales expertise
Devoted copy 

Also, let me introduce you to my exceptional network of great people within business and the creative fields! If your project needs additional competences like Art directors, Photographers, Web designers etc I will arrange that for you.


"Passion never fails"




about me

Your temporary Marketing Director or mini-advertising agency

You do not need a Marketing Director - you only need me, now and then! Me as a consultant in your business = I am like a mini-advertising agency;  a combination of structured strategist, project leader, pr consultant, creative director, copy and saleswoman -  I love business and to achieve ambitious results. 

My success within the art of salesmanship is sprung out of my genuine interest in humans and how to communicate with them. I feel a deep dedication to my clients, editors, journalists and collaborators. I put effort to understand their business.
To cherish and build a brand is an art in it self, an artform I love.

I have a Master in International Business Administration, with Spanish and strategy as specialities. I have an extensive experience within premium brands,
service and sales. Since 2015 I am  consultant in my own company
Olympia Communication. 

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